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And the march goes on!

Kim a posted Jan 22, 12
After our wildly successful pre-non-denominational-winter-holiday-changing of western calendar-break, we were a little cocky when we returned last week.  After a Saturday's humility raid which included few more wipes than we are used to, we got Deathwing on Sunday!

So, imagine our excitement when we started Morchok Heroic!  

We started the fight with 2 tanks, 4 healers and 4 dps!  That was weird!  Split into two teams (With TeamA on Morchok and TeamB on Kohcrom) we set to work.  1.5 mins into our first try:  Wipe!  Doh!  We made steady progression but TeamB noticed the noobish TeamA was struggling and couldn't understand what was going on over there!  When TeamB had killed their boss but Team A's boss was still alive as we wiped, we decided to swap sides since TeamA was clearly unable to take care of it! 

So, Team B is now on Morchok, Crystal spawns, then another, then another...what the....*Wipe!*  Right, we understood TeamA's suffering and took a look at how to keep our guys alive. None of the guides mentioned Morchok casts 3 crystals to Kohcrom's 1-2!  Doesn't seem like that much more, but trust me, as a healer, it is!  It was then we decided to put the winning combination of Cas and Kim on Morchok and the two lesser minions on Kohcrom.  (Tim on his off spec and Loutokt newly dinged 2 weeks ago!)

Within a few tries to get our CD's coordinated, both personalities of the boss were dead and all our members alive!

There are several remarkable things in our kill shot this time.  Tim was drinking while healing, clearly.  The bears also seem to be drunk and the Tree has gon Ent on us.  Three sensible people can be found in the middle while Cas seems to be warming his nose on Kim's Baby Blizzard Bear's backside.  The orcs are too sexeh for this photo.

Well done guys!!!!
Timothy Red Bull ... obviously.
Loutokt That is a pretty tree.
Heirak a I want to know what's in Tim's drink. The ability for a cow to jump as high as his height is amazing lol

Absolute Madness!!!

Demon a posted Jan 17, 12

After a shining start in the Dragon Soul raid with 6 bosses down in the first weekend, then Spine down in the second weekend, we started preparing for Madness of Deathwing. After a few initial tries we found out that platform 4 was an issue. (2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps) We couldn't meet the dps required, so alternative plans had to be implemented.

So we decided to try it with 1 tank. Every try we came closer and closer. Platform 4, 5% hp left when cataclysm hit, we made some mistakes and had to fine tune it. Another week went by, some more drops for our raiders and finally some hunter/warrior/shaman tokens started dropping. We felt it could happen now, try after try we got further and started reaching phase 2 now. Another fine tune moment. We let it rest for a day and came back for revenge on sunday 15 january 2012. Reaching phase 2 every time and getting him to 7%, 11%, 10% and the likes, Demonfreak came with a brilliant idea. Stop dps at 12%, dots take him to 11%, kill off the adds and then burn him.

And so we did! It worked out well. And before we knew it mumble was only heard by Demonzug telling to push everything we had; come on! come on! keep going! And boom!!! Mumble filled with screams of joy, adrenaline pumping through peoples veins (even hours after lol) and the joy of the end boss on normal being down and unlocking the hard modes.

Congrats to Demonfreak and Timothy on their shiny new weapons.  Big congrats to all and awesome work by all our raiders.

Onward to Morchok hard mode and more Madness kills in the future. Time to prepare for more Excito casual, fun progression!!

Kamarile Well done guys!
As most of you already know the guild management has decided not to raid in the weekends during the holidays. Christmas and New Years both in the weekends and we all want to enjoy that with the people close to us.
The first week of january we can start where we left off and continu our journey through the last raid of this expansion.
Best wishes to all of you and merry christmas, enjoy it to the max and don't do anything i won't do :P
Also Happy new year and merry christmas from Erin and the booger. :)
Loutokt Someone Explain why only orcs are represented on this photo ... damn racists! Ohh ohh! Merry Christmas and Happy New Yea...
Hierophant Happy Christmas and merry New Year.. Ehm, wait.....
Heirak a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!
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